Machor Software - Where Innovation Begins

Machor Software is offering new and innovative ways to complete your forensic investigations starting with browser forensics and moving on into other areas. We work on the basis of starting small and growing with time. By working in this method we can ensure that we bring only the highest quality product to the table. This can be challenging and it will take time to develop new applications, so we are starting this push with two software titles, Google Chrome Forensics and Firefox Forensics. With many more titles still in the development process be sure to check back often to see what other innovative ideas we come up with.

Google Chrome Forensics is a fast and easy way to get the most out of a Google Chrome profile. With easy loading and browser specific loading it takes no more than a few minutes to get all the information you need. Everything from History, Archived History, Bookmarks, to the Cache can be sorted, searched, and exported with ease. This particular software was designed with the investigator in mind. By designing a software package that is fast, friendly, and easy to use we hope to show that we know how much your time is worth and that we want to give you more of it.

Firefox is another of the highest used browswers on the market, and we have brought our expertise to this as well. Pulling information out of the users profile in a manner that makes it easy on you, the investigator, to quickly do your job and move on to the next case.

This of course is only the begining of where we intend to go. Security, forensics, and home use have all been thought of and are in process. All software will be maintained and updates are already in the works. All software will include a suite of tools that will make the process of obtaining the information you want as quick and painless as possible. Listed below is a list of just some of the features that can be found within the software. So what are you waiting for? Download a trial today and see what Machor Software can do for you!